Carrie Gabriel received her masters in nutritional science from California State University-Los Angeles and also has a bachelors degree in broadcast journalism and mass communication from the University of Colorado at Boulder-Colorado. She began her nutrition career working at St. Johns Hospital in Santa Monica as a nutrition aide and also worked for HealthCare Partners Medical Group as a health educator specializing in diabetes education. Later on she decided she wanted to gear her focus more towards preventative nutrition via private consulting, nutrition seminars and grocery shopping trips. Currently, Carrie works as a nutrition specialist for Guckenheimer and she does freelance nutrition  seminars and counseling for Provant, Wellness Corporate Solutions and HealthFitness, a company that specializes in corporate seminars and cholesterol screenings. Carrie is also an online consultant for RISE Health Coaching, an online nutrition consulting company and the dietary expert for Kelapo Coconut Oil, frequently writing blogs and doing cooking demonstrations for the company.

Carrie’s philosophy on food is the more simple and unprocessed the ingredients in a meal are, the better off YOU are. She believes in eating whole food and enjoying what you love in moderation! She doesn’t believe that weight loss can be sustained by gimmicky trends. She also wants be able to show her clients that healthy food doesn’t have to be ugly, boring or taste bad. It also doesn’t have to take forever to prepare! Carrie specializes in teaching her clients how to make easy, quick and healthy meals when you are pinched for time and how to understand food labels and make proper choices at the grocery store.


“Carrie has been an amazing nutritional coach, and has been extremely generous in her knowledge of all things health related in our time working together. She is patient and genuinely cares about your wellbeing, and shows it through her multitude of services, including grocery shopping trips, which are extremely helpful when learning what food is best to buy during what seasons, etc. I’m a vegan, and she worked with me to build a program that fit my nutritional needs and was extremely tasty to. Carrie is versatile and professional, and could help anyone get on a healthier path! Highly recommended.” -Brittany Cohen

“Carrie Gabriel has been a huge help with all of my nutritional needs. Any time I ever have a question regarding what is healthy and what I should stay away from she always has an accurate answer. A prime example: At one point I was eating too many dried fruits and it was making me gain weight. She told me there are worst things I could be eating but there is a lot of sugar in dried fruit. She said as long as I have it in moderation I should be okay. So I followed her guidelines and it helped me tremendously.  Carrie knows how to explain things in a way I can understand. She is also extremely patient and observant of what types of food are good for me and how it affects my body. I highly recommend Carrie for this position. Anyone would be lucky to have her as a guide to healthy eating and living.” -Rachel Beck

“Carrie is always up on the latest information. Education is clearly a continuing factor in the world of this dietician, which makes sense. Especially since she’s dealing with people like me. I do my own internet research and then go from mildly inquisitive to freak-out mode over the latest information about my dietary needs. I have to be wheat free and Carrie knows all of the latest products that can help me enjoy food and still stay within my restrictions…and this of course, makes me feel far less restricted! But she also warns me of certain ingredients within those products that may contribute to other issues that could pop up. It’s such a delicate dance, having a client who is wheat sensitive, wants to drink wine, eat cheese, and not have any digestive issues. But she does it. My digestive comfort has never been better. And she has a great bedside manner. I don’t feel “judged” when I tell her every little morsel that goes into my mouth. I couldn’t recommend her more highly.” -Jess Rosenthal, Los Angeles