CLASS PASS SERIES: Interval Workouts Galore!

I have been wanting to try the Burn 60 Studios for awhile after I had heard it was similar to some of my other favorite HIIT (high intensity interval) workouts at Circuit Works, SpeedX and Sweat Garage. I just had to be sure to plan for enough time to get over to the area this class is located in. A 930am class off of Barrington Place and Sunset is not so great for traffic depending on where you live. I assume you would NOT want to try to attend a class here in the evening either unless you live in the area…or you don’t mind sitting in traffic. The plus is that they have a HUGE parking lot across the street with 2 hour free parking (with validation!) so you don’t have to scour the surrounding area for parking.


The studio itself has a red and black color scheme and is very clean and sleek inside. When I arrived there was a sign up sheet to start on the floor or the treadmills. I had seen a few women scamper in quickly ahead of me…and I assume the reason was to start on a treadmill and get the running segment of the class out of the way. No worries, I didn’t mind starting on the floor with strength training.

As you can probably guess, the class is divided into two segments, cardio intervals and strength resistance training. This is one of the nicer HIIT facilities I have seen, as they not only have the Woodway treadmills, but they also have TRX systems hanging from the ceiling to use for some of the resistance training, brand new kettle bells, weights, bands, etc.


Today’s workout was two 15 minute treadmill sessions and two 15 minute strength training sessions. The trainer was enthusiastic but also challenging. I definitely worked up a sweat performing sprints on an incline and lunges with a heavy kettle bell in hand.

I am not sure how this class is on a regular basis, but a 930am class on a Wednesday was completely full, which can make the floor work challenging depending on how tall the person next to you is. The music is also vibrant and uplifting, but the instructor was talking the whole time so I was paying more attention to his directions than the music.

There is one bathroom, complimentary towels and even face wash, sunscreen and disposable toothbrushes available to clients at this location. The staff seems friendly, but to be honest, the clientele keeps to themselves, unless you go often…then you will probably get to know people.


159 S. Barrington Place

Los Angeles, CA 90049

CLASS PASS SERIES: Megaformer Pilates…A Lesson In Discipline For Me!

Ever since I can remember, exercise for me has been about large movements. Long runs, steep hills, intense stair climbs…if it was intense, I was doing it. Of course, this meant with time, I was always overdoing it, always tired and almost always in pain.

On one of my many beach runs I had parked by this adorable workout studio tucked into the Marina. I saw a super fit instructor yelling at a group of people in a pink room full of contraptions that honestly, before I knew what they were, looked like medieval torture devices used to stretch people to death. I kept hearing people talk about how great the workout was, and when a deal came up to try a few classes, I decided to jump onboard. I cannot even begin to tell you how much that decision changed the way I look at fitness forever.


So a little more about this place…The Studio MDR is a boutique Pilates studio with two locations. One is in Marina Del Rey a few short blocks from the water on Washington Boulevard. The second one is on the other side of Lincoln going east on Washington and is considered in Culver City.

The outside of the studio is wall to wall window, with the logo imprinted over the building, so it is not too difficult to find. The inside of the studio…what can I say? It is adorable! It is very girly and unique, filled with the latest in trendy workout gear, water bottles and toe socks (socks you wear when using the Pilates reformers). The room is saturated in bright pink, white and silver hues. They keep it super clean and smelling fresh, which is a definite bonus. The staff are very friendly and attentive. The music is always great…upbeat and fun.



So you see, this Pilates class is not exactly traditional. This machine is what we call a Megaformer. Basically, that is a 10 foot long, 250 pound Pilates machine on steroids. So if you think Pilates classes are easy, this class will make you and ANYONE you know, think again. The workout targets many different smaller muscles from various angles. It is designed to develop core strength and muscular endurance, burning calories and working smaller muscles to fatigue with higher repetitions. Each movement lasts about 60 seconds and there are typically close to 60 movements in a class. This is a high energy class atmosphere so prepare to work and feel the burn…for days after…SERIOUSLY!!

I would recommend this workout only to people with at least a baseline level of fitness. I don’t think a fitness newbie would be quite ready for this. I would say to start out with a regular Pilates class with the regular machines first a few times.

I now see how a slower, small muscle focused workout can produce even greater results than some of the longer, faster more intense workouts. I still get very sweaty and out of breath taking this class, but don’t experience the joint and muscle pain I often do from long runs. It is a great way to switch it up and get different physical and mental results.

There is a bathroom and water fountain, but no showers. There is metered parking in front and free street parking all along Glencoe, just be sure to read the signs!



13357 W. Washington Boulevard

Venice, CA 90066


CLASS PASS SERIES: Cycle And Pilates In ONE Class? Why Not?

Hey there friends,

Sorry it has been awhile. I have been a little torn on whether or not to write as much here on my website, because I find more people checking out my Instagram and paying attention to pictures over the writing here…however, I do enjoy writing and perhaps it would be good to keep a balance here…right?

So I joined this crazy phenomenon known as Class Pass last month. For those of you who don’t know, Class Pass is a HUGE network of fitness studios across the country that offer their classes on an all access pass to anyone who is willing to pay 99 dollars a month for the membership. I had been hesitant, because I have my specific things I enjoy doing. However, more recently I found myself with a little more free time and a little more desire to try some of the more expensive workout programs around town. When I realized I could access these classes with Class Pass, I decided I would give it a shot for a month. Needless to say…I am hooked. I suppose if I had a rigid schedule, this sort of thing would NOT work for me, but I don’t and it does.

Anyhow, I have tried a variety of really cool classes and it would probably be helpful to the readers of my blog to hear a little more detail about some of these classes. Who knows, some of you might decide to try the pass yourselves!

This morning I took a gamble. I didn’t leave myself enough time to book one of the more popular classes I had thought about taking, so I saw there was a studio not super far from me called Elevate LA. They had a 9am class called Reform and Ride. 20 minutes on the Pilates reformer and 30 minutes on a spin bike. Sounds kinda cool, right? So I decided to book it.


I got there in plenty of time, on a Sunday, heading down Washington Boulevard at 830am towards the ocean, you are pretty much in the clear. The studio is right off of Washington and Centinela…but make sure you note the building number. The area is known for multiple incognito buildings that look like nothing is in them…and this is one of them!

Inside, however, is another story. This boutique studio is brand new, only about 3 weeks old. The studio is clean with all new equipment and super organized. They have spin shoes for you if you do not own your own. The instructors are very friendly and are happy to help you get your bike and reformer set up before class starts.


My class started with the pilates segment. I do think the class could be one hour instead of 50 minutes as to accommodate 30 minutes of pilates and 30 minutes of cycle, but that is the only thing I would change. The pilates moves we did were quick and tough and the cycle segment, taught by a different instructor, was fast pace, involving lots of sprints and jumps on the bike. Needless to say, I was sweating when the workout commenced.

Also noted…ample free parking in the back of the building. This may not matter on a Sunday, but during the week, it would be a must!!


12462 W. Washington Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90066