Magical Myofascial Tension Release Balls

So this website is supposed to be primarily about food based nutrition, but I felt a need to post about something that is nutritious to my physical and mental well-being.

I was actually introduced to the whole myofascial release technique by a friend of mine who coincidentally introduced me to the cleanse I did last October as as well. Just incase you are wondering, myoactually means muscle and fascial means connective tissue. So myofascial tension release means releasing the tension in the connective tissue muscles. I was at his home and he showed me how to use these balls, which look a little like foamy golf balls, to release tension in my upper and lower back and shoulders. These balls can also be used on the legs and calves and even the balls of your feet. Sounds awesome, right?

Basically, this tension gets built up over time. We stress, sit at a computer far too long, lift heavy weights, etc. But most of us would never think we could possibly release some of that tension on our own, or at least I wouldn’t have known had my friend not shown me the first time. So, you can use these balls to “unstick” muscle tissues that have glued themselves together and help them return to their normal slide and glide relationship. The therapeutic relief, which may include extreme relaxation, or even crying (there is sometimes emotional release, this happened to me!!!) indicates a healthy release of the tissue to its natural position.

I was working out at Equinox Fitness club this past week and one of the trainers was nice enough to do an informal coaching after an exercise class of how to use these balls in certain areas of your body for the best releases possible. As soon as she brought the balls out, I remembered using them with my friend, and decided it was time for me to get a set of my own so I could do the releases at home.

These balls run anywhere from 12-15 dollars a set, and worth every cent. For those who are active and can’t afford a real live massage every week, using these for 30 minutes a week is like giving yourself your own massage. You can buy them online or at some health clubs, including Equinox. Time to get the ball rolling! 🙂