Magical Myofascial Tension Release Balls

So this website is supposed to be primarily about food based nutrition, but I felt a need to post about something that is nutritious to my physical and mental well-being. I was actually introduced to the whole myofascial release technique by a friend of mine who coincidentally introduced me to the cleanse I did last… 

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Amazing Vegetarian Recipe Alert!! Barley Salad With Chickpeas, Fava Beans and Green Peas

I saw this recipe in one of those BuzzFeed lists and it caught my eye. It was a list of recipes that claimed to make you “wanna become a vegetarian” if you aren’t. Well, for the record, I am not, and don’t plan on it, but this delicious little salad is quite a hearty bite and will… 

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Food For Thought…Searching For Kale In Lake Havasu

Living in Los Angeles, it can be easy to forget how good we have it. And with good, I mean…FOOD! Seriously, where I live in Culver City, I have about 4 Trader Joe’s within a five mile radius, and Sprouts and Whole Foods grocery stores are not much further. We are a food mecca here, we are a plethora of knowledge–dietitians,… 

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