CLASS PASS SERIES-Run, Reform, Repeat!!

As you may already know I am a huge fan of these combination classes certain studios have on ClassPass. There are a few with spin (cycle) and pilates, one with spin and TRX and one with TRX and boxing I have been to, and they were all pretty cool. So someone mentioned Fitmix on La Brea and said I would love it, so I made a point to try it out.

This studio is located on the corner of La Brea and Clinton in the West Hollywood area. Be careful looking for it because I passed it a few times.┬áThere are 3 first come, first serve parking spaces. If you can’t snag one of those, you can park at a meter or on a residential street, but make sure you READ THE SIGNS.


As soon as you enter the studio you will be greeted by a row of treadmills. Then, off to your right, you will see 10 customized pilates reformers. On your left, past the treadmills, are bathrooms. If you look upstairs past the treadmills, the Fitmix studio has a little lounge area. I didn’t go up and check it out, but I like the idea. It makes the studio as a whole more welcoming.

I actually recognized the instructor of this class as the instructor of a spin class I recently took. A very friendly female, so I was immediately excited to take the class. Not to mention, other class goers were chatty and friendly, and that always makes a workout a little more pleasant, in my opinion.

Fit Mix has two class options. One is endurance pilates, which is an entire class strength training and core stabilization moves on the pilates reformers. The other class is called the Mashup, which is 25 minutes of cardio intervals on the treadmills and then 30 minutes of endurance pilates. I signed up for the mashup class, since I wanted to see what a workout with running and pilates combined would feel like.


In this class, we started with 15 minutes on the treadmill, pushing up the incline and speed minute by minute. It was tough and I definitely worked up a sweat. Then we went over to the reformers and did about 10 minutes of pilates based moves. Then, we went back to the treadmills for about 10 more minutes and then spent the last 15 minutes of class doing more pilates moves.

I really enjoyed the variety. I get more of a sweat from the intensity of the interval running. The reformers don’t really do it for me as far as intensity goes, but I know they are good for balance and core strength.

This is definitely an enjoyable class, and you can chose to kick back your speed on the treadmill if sprints aren’t really for you. I liked the variety, music and ambiance. I will definitely be back!


601 N. La Brea Avenue

Los Angeles, CA 90036

CLASS PASS SERIES: An Oldie But Goodie…Circuit Works!

So when I say ” an oldie but goodie,” it’s because I have been going to Circuit Works on and off for a few years now. I don’t remember where exactly I first heard of their program, but I remember they had a deal a few years back and I wanted to try something different, so I bought a few classes. This was when the program was located on Abbot Kinney in Venice. Parking was pretty tough and it was kind of out of my way, so I took a few classes and then stopped. I always liked the program though, and when I found out they had a new location on Main Street in Venice and it was part of Class Pass, I decided to check it out.


Circuit Works is exactly what is sounds like, a circuit training studio. There are 10 treadmills and 10 weight training stations. A typical workout will start on the treadmill or floor for 2 minutes. If you are on a treadmill, you are encouraged by the instructor to bring your incline up to a certain set point and either jog or run. When you come down, you will be given a number on the floor to start with. This could be anything from weighted leg lifts to seated rowing with a resistance band to squats on a BOSU ball. You might also be asked to start on the floor, in which case you would complete the exercise at the selected numbered section you are given for two minutes, then head to the treadmill after for two minutes, and so on and so forth. One other thing, sometimes the instructors will mix things up and have everyone come to the floor for a set of jumping jacks or high knees, so there is always a little extra variety.


It is thought that by combining Aerobic (cardio) and Anaerobic (strength training) exercises in this sort of manner, you can burn more calories per minute and increase stored fat expenditure, leading to fast weight loss and improved muscle tone. I left this class POURING sweat, so I have no choice but to agree. Although, I am sure it is most effective when you go a few times a week, which, on Class Pass, I can only go to this particular program 3 times in a month. You can also modify the inclines and heaviness of the weights to your comfort level.


The instructors are all very personable. Even the owner himself, Raphael Varela, is there most days making sure things are running smoothly. The gym is bright in its decor (yellow and black) and has a restroom towards the back. As for parking, you might get lucky with a 2 hour street parking area, but if not, there are meters everywhere or underground parking at the Archstone across the street.


2005 Main Street

Santa Monica, CA 90405